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Four in the cooch [entries|friends|calendar]
Fruity Cool Jenkins

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[04 May 2011|09:24am]
Had I not been wearing a helmet during bike polo last night I'm pretty sure I would be dead. I split the back of my helmet for about 2 inches and shattered parts of the front. I got up and was just a little dizzy. Did sit the rest of the night out, though.
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[25 Mar 2011|11:56pm]
I would have sex with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Travis Shettel. No questions asked.
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[07 Mar 2011|04:40pm]
I should really just move back to Florida.
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[10 Jan 2011|10:25am]
I want a Harriet Tubman tattoo.
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[08 Jan 2011|12:17pm]
I finally slept last night. Also, I'm attractive enough, now, to pick people up at a bar on a regular basis. These two things seem to be somehow related.
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[22 Dec 2010|10:20am]
I was thinking about anal sex. You probably shouldn't eat garlic before or right after.
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Anarchy is for the gays. [10 Dec 2010|10:38am]
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[20 Nov 2010|11:02am]
If I was in a traveling punk band I think I would only consume raw vegetables and 40s.
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[15 Nov 2010|10:53am]
Please can you make beatiful babies together?
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[07 Oct 2010|03:02pm]
When I get really sad I listen to a lot of Nirvana.
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[21 Sep 2010|12:19pm]
I really like legit pop music.
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[27 Aug 2010|03:28pm]
I can't believe I weighed myself and I have lost 150lbs. I started crying in the student health center.
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[25 Aug 2010|11:55pm]
Understanding the difference between love and a good time is pretty god damned important. Yes.
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Really confused. [21 Aug 2010|01:55am]
Boy, you look good.
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[18 Aug 2010|11:35am]
I really want to have a trip where everyone that can do it around the country will all meet half way and spend a weekend together. Probably in a quiet place where we can have our own brand of fun.
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[26 Jul 2010|04:40pm]
I want to go to California.
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[06 Jul 2010|10:29am]
Going to visit Minneapolis after I get a few things straight. Maybe some time after the beginning of the year. I'm going to move again but I'm not sure where. Maybe Eugene if I like Minneapolis maybe there. I also want to visit Pittsburgh so I can see a game at PNC Park.
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[20 May 2010|10:15pm]
There truly are things you will never learn about life without a good binge.
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Tall boys [20 May 2010|10:14pm]
I like tall boys
on tall bikes.
Crazy hair do's.
I like you.
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Shite. [09 May 2010|03:51pm]
I think my mom is on to me. She'd be so upset.
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